We’re On Our Way!

The Texas Career and Education Conference was a Great Success!  


Aquilla Educational Resources attended our first conference as a vendor of educational services. We met so many wonderful people who took the time to tell us what was needed in their schools and their CTE programs.

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Content Experts Stopped by to be Interviewed by Aquilla!

We were so honored to have CTE Experts stop by and talk to us about key issues that promote CTE program success. We heard from Lauri Blair, Lead Counselor for Academics and CTE Programs from Quinlan ISD. Laurie spoke to us about the importance of properly counseling students and parents early on to ensure student success. We also heard from Kelly Townsend, Director of Dual Credit for Trinity Valley Community College. Kelley enlightened us on the ins and outs of implementing dual credit in your local community college. Content videos will be coming soon!

Aquilla Gave Away 2 New Echo Dots to a Couple of Lucky Winners!IMG_0044

We were so blessed to have more than 50 people stop by and enter our drawing for a free Echo Dot! Mya Rutledge of Aldine ISD (pictured) and Melinda Brock of North East ISD were our lucky winners.


All in all, it was a fantastic opportunity for Aquilla to connect with CTE professionals and begin building the brand. Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support!