The Road to Nashville

We are just about one month out from our national conference at the gorgeous Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. While I am excited, I am also a little nervous. I want everything to be perfect and in place to make a big splash and have hundreds, if not thousands of educators signing up for our site.

I know it’s a stretch but you gotta’ believe big right? I continually feel myself stretched between the fantasy of having a business that takes off overnight and the reality of the slow and steady work it takes to make sure you keep engaged, even when it seems nothing is happening.

So, we’ve had some dry spells, a few setbacks, delays in getting our products to market, and technical difficulties with our videos. There’s nothing like completing a full day of shooting to find that your mics were cutting out and you have to shoot everything all over again. Hours of energy, effort and creativity and nothing to show for it but some lessons learned.

Staying positive in the midst of setbacks is easier said than done. However, when I step back and look at the big picture; when I envision what I know our business will one day look like; when I see the challenge of the American skills gap that I feel we are called to overcome, I can’t help but get excited again. I can’t help but rally my spirits. I feel like David at the battle line with a fire in his belly when no one else would fight! “Is there not still a cause?”

There is a cause and there is a call. I know that this business is bigger than I am and it will do great things in this world. I can’t let the little things hinder me from what I believe to be my destiny.

So, I put on my work boots, tighten my belt, grab my creative cap and get ready for the ride of my life. These next few weeks will be a flurry of activity as we prep, create, think, organize, strategize and put the finishing touches on what we have to offer. This is the road to Nashville and I thank you all for believing in us as we embark on our journey; a journey to success.