About Aquilla

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*We believe every student was created with the potential and ability to achieve amazing things and make a difference in this world.

*Educators are the cornerstone in a student’s journey toward success and reaching their full potential.

*Our singular goal is to provide the best tools and resources possible to help both educators and students find and fulfill their purpose.

This is NOT Your Typical Education Site…

Tired of the Same-Old Stuff? – Aquilla Educational Resources is dedicated to supporting innovative change in CTE curriculum for both students and educators.

Looking for Someone Who Knows? – Our team of CTE, Workforce Development, and Business experts offer up-to-date information and relevant CTE curriculum in partnership with top industry leaders, and premium support to educators wanting to provide the best educational materials to their students.

Ready for Better, Faster, Stronger? – Our online, project based curriculum uses proven student engagement strategies, video content, and is customizable to meet local industry needs.

Why We Are Here

Aquilla’s mission is about making CTE programs, programs of excellence. We know that world-class curriculum built to industry standards is necessary to fill the skills gap in America. We also know that education has always been behind the curve when it comes to meeting the needs of industry. That is why Aquilla not only develops curriculum but also offers the True North Membership which provides guidance and community around the ideal of CTE excellence.

Imagine a team of professionals working on your behalf; partnering with industry, providing you step by step instruction on building your programs, and a community of CTE leaders to support you along the way. That’s Aquilla.

Meet the Team!

Peggy Bridges – Educational Consultant

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Peggy has over 32 years of experience in Career & Technical Education. With 16 years of experience in the classroom and over 16 years of experience in CTE administration, Peggy understands the headaches of teachers and directors alike.

From starting new programs to building and enhancing current programs, Peggy has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you take your programs to the next level.

She is an expert in Texas state guidelines and has spoken at state conferences on areas of CTE Excellence and Effective Partnerships for High Impact Programs.

Steven Bridges – Workforce & Educational Consultant


Steven has over 22 years of experience in Workforce Development. With 8 years of experience in Workforce Training Programs and over 12 years of experience in Business Solutions, Steven understands what Industry is looking for.

From working with small mom & pops to consulting with major national companies, Steven has the skills and experience to define employer needs and translate them into solutions at the secondary and post secondary level.

Steven serves as an expert in matters of Workforce Development and has spoken in local and state conferences on Workforce Performance, Industry Partnerships and Creating True Talent Pipelines.

Ben Smithee – Business & Marketing Consultant

Ben Smithee

Ben is the founder and CEO of The Smithee Group which focuses on helping brands strategically succeed in the age of digital everything. His clients include some of the largest and most well-known companies around the world including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Comcast, Del Monte, EA Games, Disney, General Mills, Kroger, VF Corp, Signet, Rio Tinto, and many more.

He has spoken to audiences around the world closing in on 20 countries, across 6 continents. He’s regarded as a go-to expert in Digital Marketing, the future of retail, and the Millennial Consumer segment. Ben currently serves on the International Board of Directors for the Women’s Jewelry Association.

While he loves helping businesses out-perform their competition, he is even more passionate about the work he does with The Warren Center in Dallas, which helps families and their children that have developmental delays, and his work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization where he currently resides, in New York City. Ben has a heart for young people and is always looking for an opportunity to make a difference. Aquilla Educational Resources provides an extended platform for Ben to help young people nationwide.

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